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We’ll provide you with an update in as little as 24 hours upon review of your documents. If we believe you have a claim, we can then look into your potential refunds.

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Surely you’ve heard of Payment Protection?

What Is PPI?

Payment protection insurance which is also known as PPI, is also widely called credit insurance, loan repayment insurance or credit protection insurance, is an insurance product that enables consumers to insure repayment of credit if the borrower becomes ill or disabled, loses a job, dies, or faces other circumstances that may prevent them from earning income to service the debt.

Is It The Same As Income Protection?

It is not to be confused with income protection insurance, which is not specific to a debt but covers any income. PPI was widely sold by banks and other credit providers as an add-on to the loan or overdraft product.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) And Why You Could Be Owed a Refund

Payment Protection Insurance has been the subject of much controversy of late, and with a good reason. PPI is an optional extra that can be added to loans and credit cards, and in some instances, bank accounts that looks to aid those who fall into difficult circumstances. While the service does indeed serve a purpose, it wasn’t always sold to banking customers in the right way.

Some customers may have agreed to the service without it being fully explained, whereas others may not even be aware they ever had PPI in the first instance.

Why Should I Check If I Have PPI?

Many people don’t even make the initial enquiry as to whether they’re due a Payment Protection Insurance refund or not, because they remember agreeing to the service, and, therefore, assume it was sold in the right way. Although there are plenty of customers who have benefited from having PPI added to their account, many others were mis-sold the insurance, as it wouldn’t have covered them if the worst case scenario occurred.

How Do I Know If I’m Owed a PPI Refund?

There are many reasons why a person may not be eligible or suitable for insurance.

Some of these relate to health, employment status, household income, savings, employer benefits.

This is why it is always worth making the initial enquiries, as many people really don’t know just how much they’re owed due to the mis-selling of payment protection insurance.

How Do I Know If My Claim Will Be a Success?

Whether you have been mis-sold PPI on your MBNA credit card, or you’re looking to claim PPI from Barclays, many can be dissuaded from making a claim on the assumption their claim will never be considered. However, due to the controversy caused, many financial outlets are actually keen to get their housekeeping in order, and ensure that all refunds are paid as soon as possible.
Of course, the task of making a claim and chasing the progress can be time-consuming for one person alone, especially if they lead a busy work life. However, employing our professional service means that not only do we ensure your case is strong enough to put forward, but we will also ensure that you get a response within the expected time frame detailing just how much you’re owed.

Is My Claim Dependant on Who I Bank with?

Many people may assume that only a few selected banks have mis-sold PPI, but the truth is that regardless of who you bank with, it is still possible that you could be owed a refund. Our service sees us deal with a number of financial institutes on behalf of our clients daily. These banks include Barclays, Lloyds and MBNA among many others.

Remember, regardless of whether you had PPI in your MBNA credit card, or you’re thinking about claiming PPI from Lloyds, our professional service can undertake the legwork for you, and get you a full refund where it is owed. All you have to do is supply us with whatever details you do have in relation to your account, as well as a signed authority, and you can simply sit back while we liaise with the relevant financial institutions.

Why Use Consumer Claim Line?

Now that we know what PPI is, how it works and how can you determine if you’re owed a refund, let’s talk about someone who can actually help you get your refund.

The answer is Consumer Claim Line. We take responsibility for providing you a professional PPI checking service, paying your lenders for the information to establish any insurance on your accounts, auditing the information received and establishing PPI, how much you have paid in PPI Premiums and whether or not it was mis-sold at the time of sale.

So why chose Consumer Claim Line over other Claims Companies?

We believe in keeping things simple! Not only do we want to keep you informed with regular updates through SMS, Email, Letter of Telephone but we want to act claim back your refund fast! After all, if you was mis-sold PPI, it should be in your pocket, not the the banks!

In addition, through years of experience, we’ve streamlined the full claim processes from making a claim to securing a refund, making the claim process simple for you.

What Are Your Fees?

We also work on a Success Basis subject to our Conditional Fee Agreement (terms and conditions).

If we are not successful in your claim, no fee is payable.

For Example:

Cash Refund
If we secured a cash refund of £2,000.00
Our fee of 24% including VAT is £480.00
This leaves you with £1,520.00 after our fee has been paid.

Part Reduction
If we secured a refund of £2,000.00 of £1,000.00 Cash and £1,000.00 Reduction
Our fee of 24% including VAT is £480.00
This leaves you with £520.00 after our fee has been paid.

If we secured a reduction of £2,000.00
Our fee of 24% including VAT is £480.00
This means you will need to find £480.00 to pay our fee.

Please note if you cancel outside of your cooling off period, or fail to return documentation requested, a cancellation invoice for works undertaken may be issued.

Can I Cancel My Claim?

You have the right to cancel your claims at any stage throughout the process, however a fee may be payable if you cancel outside of your 14 day cooling off period or should you fail to provide information requested.

This fee is dependant on the stage in which your claim is at and can vary in price.

You can cancel your claim by contacting us by any reasonable means.

What Are Cancellation Fees

Cancellation fees are reasonable' costs for works undertaken.

A cancellation fee may be payable if a consumer fails to return documents post initial instruction which prevents us from concluding the outcome of a claim. A fee may also be payable if we are provided incorrect information.

Whilst no two cases are the same, our cancellation fees have been capped at £360.00 per claim before any debt or legal fees.

What Are Arrears Fees?

Arrears fees are an administration charge incurred in the processing of an invoice which requires additional works to be undertaken due to non-payment.

These fees are uncapped but charged at a fee of £20.00

Where a debt remains outstanding, we reserve the right to apply debt recovery charges and any County Court or High Court fees.

We are sure you'll pay your invoice on time and won't incur any debt or legal fees.

What we’ll do for you

Pemberton & Associates Limited t/a Consumer Claim Line are regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities, registration is recorded on the Claims Regulation website: www.gov.uk/moj/cmr (CRM33505).

Establish If You Have Any PPI

 Review Accounts You May Have Forgotten About

Handle Your Claim From Start To Finish

 Success Fee Of 24% inclusive of VAT

Establish If You Have A Claim

Upon receipt of your signed authority, we are now able to establish if you have a claim in as little as 48 hours.

Even if you are unsure who you have had accounts with, our processes allows us to establish accounts that you may have even forgotten about.

Read our Terms & Conditions of processing your claim here.

Why use Consumer Claim Line

Our aim is to provide the best service at all times

We’ll Check Your Accounts

Even if your unsure whom you’ve held accounts,
our process allows us to establish lenders you’ve held accounts with.

Success Basis*

We work on your claim on a success basis
subject to you not cancelling your claim.

Keeping You Informed

We’ll provide you updates via SMS, Email, Letter and Telephone as your claims progress

We’ll Prevent Delays!

Our internal systems with numerous banks and lenders means we prevent delays in processing your claims.

Simple Process

Forget the technical terms like ‘FCA Disp 1.6’
We make it easy for you to understand

Online Customer Support

There is nothing worse than waiting.
So we’ve made it possible to chat to us online

Unsure If You Have A Claim?

If your unsure if you have a claim, or wish to discuss a potential claim or review with one of our advisors, we’re here to help, either on the phone or online.