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How We Establish A PPI Claim
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Initial Assessment

Once we’ve received your enquiry, we will ask for some information relating to your payday loan claim.


We will then send you your payday claim instruction form to complete.


We’ll provide you with an update in as little as 24 hours upon review of your documents. If we believe you have a claim, we can then look into your potential refunds.

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We then manage the whole claim process upon receipt of your forms.

Important – Avoid Fraud & Scams

Pemberton & Associates is a Manchester company and only use email addresses such as consumerclaimline.co.uk and pemberton-associates.legal
If you receive any unsolicited communication or think there is something suspicious, please contact us on 0161 2505060.

Surely you’ve heard of Payment Protection?

What Is Payment Protection Insurance?

Payment protection insurance is more commonly known as PPI which is designed to cover the repayment of finance should the consumer become unable to make payment due to illness or unemployment.

Whilst in principle, the insurance can often be a great assistance to consumers, the way it was sold may mean the consumer may not be eligible to make a claim.

Is It The Same As Income Protection?

PPI should not to be confused with income protection insurance which covers an income rather than a single financial account.

PPI was widely sold by banks and other credit providers as an additional product to the finance they have taken.

Could I Be Due A PPI Refund?

There are many reasons why Payment Protection Insurance has been mis-sold which could result in a refund.

Without knowing the details of each case, and it's circumstances, it would be wrong to say you are certainly due a refund.

To find out if you were mis-sold, you will first need to know if you had PPI and if so, how it was sold.

There are two claim types;
Advised and a Non-Advised Sale.

Should I Check If I Have PPI?

The answer is simple, yes!

Our advise to consumers is very clear. If you've had a loan, credit card, store card, mortgage or overdraft before 2013, then yes.

Simply checking if you've had PPI through Consumer Claim Line will simply confirm whether or not insurance was on your account.

How Do I Know If I’m Owed a PPI Refund?

There are many reasons as to why you could be due a refund, if of course you had PPI.

Some of these reasons relate to health, employment status, household income, savings, employer benefits and the way it was sold.

This is why it is always worth making the initial enquiries, as many people really don’t know just how much they’re owed due to the mis-selling of payment protection insurance.

I've tried to claim back PPI and was unsuccessful, can you help?

Whilst we aim to help every consumer, each claim has it's own merits, strengths and weaknesses.

If you've tried to claim before, we must consider if the account was opened before the FCA brought in regulations, specifically to the 9 principles of business.

If you've tried to claim before and not successfully received a refund, we will review your claim and its merits. Please ensure that you notify us that you have tried to claim before to prevent any unnecessary costs.

My Finance Company Has Closed. Can I Still Claim?

If you've had finance with companies such as Welcome Finance, Car Craft  or a Broker who is no longer trading, we may be able to help.

This depends on whom sold the policy and the date in which the policy was taken out.

To find out, simply contact us.

Why Use Consumer Claim Line?

Now that we know what PPI is, how it works and how can you determine if you’re owed a refund, let’s talk about someone who can actually help you get your refund.

The answer is Consumer Claim Line. We take responsibility for providing you a professional PPI checking service, paying your lenders for the information to establish any insurance on your accounts, auditing the information received and establishing PPI, how much you have paid in PPI Premiums and whether or not it was mis-sold at the time of sale.

So why chose Consumer Claim Line over other Claims Companies?

We believe in keeping things simple! Not only do we want to keep you informed with regular updates through SMS, Email, Letter of Telephone but we want to act claim back your refund fast! After all, if you was mis-sold PPI, it should be in your pocket, not the the banks!

In addition, through years of experience, we’ve streamlined the full claim processes from making a claim to securing a refund, making the claim process simple for you.

What About The Fees?

Following the recent Fee Cap, we have reduced our fees from 36% to 24% inclusive of VAT from 10th July 2018.
Its important to remember, we don’t charge any upfront fees.

We also work on a Success Basis* which means you won’t pay a penny upfront and if we are not successful in reclaiming your PPI, you won’t incur a fee.
* Subject to not cancelling your claim.

For Example:
If we secured a refund of £2,400.00
Our fee of 24% inclusive of VAT is £576.00
This leaves you with £1,824.00 after our fee has been paid.

What we’ll do for you

Consumer Claim Line is a regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of Claims Management Activities. CRM33505

Full Assessment Of All Your Accounts

Establish Any Claims You May Not Be Aware Of

Handle Your Claim From Start To Finish

No Upfront Fees

Establish Potential Claims In 48 Hours

We are now able to assess your accounts and establish potential claims in as little as 48 hours of receiving your documents.

Even if you are unsure who you have had accounts with, our processes allows us to establish accounts that you may have even forgotten about.

Find out if you have a claim without any upfront fees
Read our Terms & Conditions here

Why use Consumer Claim Line

Our aim is to provide the best service at all times

We’ll Check Your Accounts

Even if your unsure whom you’ve held accounts,
our process allows us to establish lenders you’ve held accounts with.

Success Basis*

We work on your claim on a success basis
subject to you not cancelling your claim.

Keeping You Informed

We’ll provide you updates via SMS, Email, Letter and Telephone as your claims progress

We’ll Prevent Delays!

Our internal systems with numerous banks and lenders means we prevent delays in processing your claims.

Simple Process

Forget the technical terms like ‘FCA Disp 1.6’
We make it easy for you to understand

Online Customer Support

There is nothing worse than waiting.
So we’ve made it possible to chat to us online

Unsure If You Have A Claim?

If your unsure if you have a claim, or wish to discuss a potential claim or review with one of our advisors, we’re here to help, either on the phone or online.

People are confident
in our expertise

Rosemary Thomas

21 February 2018

This firm has been so helpful with my claim. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else. I would like to thank them for everything they have done and are still doing for me.

Annalisa Hindhaugh

29 January 2018

Fabulous service so quick and easy , all staff so helpful couldn't have been easier …have referred friends due to the simple application

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