PPI Claims

Why Can I Claim Back PPI?

Millions of consumers are still to reclaim mis-sold PPI

With a deadline of August 2019 now set by the FCA, it's more important than ever to check if you were mis-sold.

Consumer Claim Line provides consumers a PPI checking service even if you don't know your account numbers.

Consumer Claim Line will make payment to your lenders for the information required to establish if any of your accounts ever held insurance which could result in a refund!


Quickest Refund is just 3 Days

We can find out if you had PPI in just a few days!

We've found PPI going back over 20 years!

Unsure If You Had PPI On A Loan, Mortgage, Credit Card?

We can find out for you in just a few days of receipt of your forms.

Our quickest claim is just 3 days from us issuing our findings to your lender.

Finding out if you had PPI and building a case from our findings, is what we do for you!

How Do I Know If I’m Owed a PPI Refund?

Many people simply don't know they had insurance, payment protection most commonly known as PPI.

Just because you don't remember having it, doesn't mean that you didn't.

To find out if you have a PPI Claim, we recommend submitting a Data Subject Access Request at a cost of £10.00 to each lender you've had accounts with. This allows you to establish more grounds for a claim!

Its always important to get the facts before submitting a claim as a claim based on wrong information can lead to you not receiving a refund if your claim is rejected.

Whilst many consumers benefited from having PPI on their account, many others were simply mis-sold because the insurance would not have covered them should they have needed to use it.

Can I claim back PPI if I was self-employed?

Many self-employed individuals took PPI and many have benefited from the PPI Policy. Just because your self-employed does not mean the insurance was mis-sold contrary to common believe.

There are insurance policies which do include benefit to those whom are self employed.

Unsure If You Have A Claim?

If your unsure if you have a claim, or wish to discuss a potential claim or review with one of our advisors, we’re here to help, either on the phone or online.