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Barclays PPI Claim

When customers are looking to make a PPI claim in relation to their Barclays bank account, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Barclays Bank is among the top banks in the United Kingdom, and as such offer a vast number of customers a plethora of different services. These include credit cards, bank accounts, savings accounts and mortgages.

In the past, Barclays also offered services for its customers that looked to protect the products against a loss of income. However, in some instances, the insurance applied to the account may have not been useful to the customer. For example, some customers were self-employed, so the insurance wouldn’t have been paid if there was a drop in income due to unforeseen circumstances.

As such, it isn’t unusual for customers to have a number of different services with the same bank, in this case Barclays. What many may not be aware of is that PPI may have been added to all their accounts without them ever realising, but how does a customer go about checking this?

Of course they could request a PPI clam themselves, but his often entails the customer knowing details of their account, and if some years have passed, this could be more difficult than first envisioned. There is also the fact that a customer may not even know what accounts actually had the PPI service attached.

Fortunately, there is an easier way to check as to whether any payment protection insurance was added to your Barclays account. Simply supply us with the details you have in relation to your accounts, and we will do the legwork on your behalf. Not only can we ascertain as to whether you are owed PPI, but we can also ensure that any obstacles met are easily overcome.

Our wealth of experience in acquiring PPI refunds for our customers means we know what questions to ask, and can aim to get any monies owed paid to you within a satisfactory timeframe. Even if you’re unsure as to whether you are owed PPI or not, why not contact us so we can go through some details with you, and look to get you a refund where necessary.

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