Halifax PPI Claim


Halifax PPI Claim

Halifax is one of the most recognized banks within the UK, and as such, have a lot of customers who utilise their financial products. Payment protection insurance is something that could be added to a credit agreement to ensure that you’re covered should the worst-case scenario arise. While this may be a suitable service to some, many others were mis-sold the service.,

How PPI was mis-sold can vary. Some customers may have signed the credit agreement without realising the insurance details were added automatically, whereas other customers may have asked for the service, but it was mis-sold as it wouldn’t have covered their particular circumstances.

If you feel you have been mis-sold PPI but you’re not sure where to start. Or don’t have access to the original documentation, get in touch now so we can guide you to a successful claim. What’s more, we will do all the liaising with the bank, meaning all you have to do is sit back and wait for our updates in relation to your PPI claim.

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