MBNA based in Chester, in the North West of England is without a doubt one of the worlds most recognised Credit Card providers with various partner brands from popular Airlines to Football Clubs.

MBNA also took over the ownership of Virgin Credit Cards and loans.co.uk should be addressed to MBNA.

With the majority of their clients having credit cards, it is important to remember that the insurance on the credit card is based on your existing balance at the time the statement is generated. This can be between £0.60 and £1.30 in every £100.00 borrowed.

The insurance on credit cards can be cancelled at anytime as these are known as a monthly policy, although many have tried to cancel and been told they are unable to do so.

Don’t worry though, we are here to help you throughout the claim process!

When looking to obtain refunds from MBNA and it’s trading styles we look to secure a refund of any interest charged on your PPI Premiums paid and obtain a refund of all charges and statutory interest as well.

Many people may be dissuaded from claiming what they’re owed due to the amount of paperwork involved, and not knowing what their original MBNA credit card account number was. Don’t cut yourself short, if you have been mis-sold PPI in relation to your MBNA credit card, then it really is worth making the enquiries to ascertain as to whether you’re due a refund or not.

Remember, just because you don’t recall receiving any information about PPI on your MBNA credit card, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been mis-sold, in fact many customers had PPI added to their credit card account and were completely unaware. If the service was mis-sold, and it didn’t serve your purpose or it wasn’t explained clearly in the first instance, the it is likely you are due a refund.

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